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What if YOU could Find Hidden Gold, Silver

or other Treasure by using GPS Maps

in your area of choice?


Now You Can.   This is your chance to Find Global GPS Treasure data overlaid on top of Google Maps.


Undiscovered Gold and Silver, Jewels or other Treasure may be on or just below the earth's surface.


Numerous sources and types of data have been analyzed through many years of research and design leading to the release of the Satellite Treasure Maps Site. This total accumulation of knowledge is now available to everyone as GPS Satellite Map (Marker) data overlaid on top of Google Maps. Which currently reveals potential 10's of Thousands to 100’s of Thousands of Marker locations across the US, Canada and other countries around the world.



"Finally! Everyone has the same chance as the experts."



In just a few minutes, You could get Your Hands on the First and Only Website of its Kind, that has ever been released to the General Public, that can show You exact GPS Locations where to begin to look for Gold, Silver and other Treasure Map Markers around the World and Now available on Google Maps.


This Could Begin The Greatest Adventure of Your Lifetime.
















    *       if you’re tired of the Status Quo…

    *       or tired of not having Financial Freedom and Independence…

    *       or tired of your lack of Adventure or Possibility in life…

    *       or tired of seeming to go Nowhere…

    *       or tired of waiting on the Lotto to come thru BIG…

    *       or tired of waiting on someone to leave you a Fortune…

    *       or tired of sitting on your butt waiting for a Miracle to happen…

    *       or tired of watching others achieve Financial Freedom, while you don’t…

    *       or tired of seeing Success and Life pass you by…

    *       or tired of doing same thing Over and Over, Day after Day… (which is the definition of insanity)




From: Keith, CEO, Satellite Treasure Maps
Monday 1:39 PM

Dear Friend,

What If I told you that, in just a few minutes, you could have Free Lifetime access to the First and Only Website of its kind, which was recently released to the General Public, that could put You Back in Control of Finding Your Own Financial Freedom and Independence and could Possibly Change Your Life Forever?

I don't know you and I don't know what kind of situation you're in. But I'll tell you what I do know. Almost every single person I've ever talked to, over many years, is looking to FIND Financial Freedom and Independence from being in their “stuck-in-a-rut” life. 

But... MOST of them have NOT found it.


Because they keep looking to everything that is or has become unsteady, like:

1. The Economy.

2. Jobs. Which are flailing because of the Economy.

3. Savings. Which are flailing because of the Economy.

4. Investments. Which are flailing because of the Economy.

5. Government. Which is flailing because of the Economy.

6. Hoping to hit it big in the Lotto. Which, unfortunately, is an “odds-stacked-against-you” fool's dream. [Sorry if that busts anyone's bubble or offends anyone. I know that someone has to win. But statistically speaking, you'd have a better chance of being hit by Lightning 7 times BEFORE you'd win it BIG in the lottery! So unless you've survived 7 Lightning hits, then I wouldn’t suggest wasting your time or money.]

7. Gambling (wherever and however). Which is another fool's dream. [There's a good reason they say, “The House always wins!”]

8. Waiting for some kind of “magic” or “miracle” Windfall to come their way.

If you're like most folks, you hate it. You hate being trapped by your financial woes and stress. And you should.

But... What if you could Forge your own Path to Success? What if you could FIND a way to create your own Financial Independence?

Would you Welcome the Possibility? Are you willing to put in the time and effort?

We all have the same 24 hours per day. What would you like to accomplish by the end of your day?

What about “guarantees”? Are you looking for Absolute “guarantees” in life???

Do any of the above means give you the Absolute “guarantees” you want?


There are only 2 Absolute guarantees you can find in life: Death and Taxes. And Neither is too exciting.

Or are you looking for a Chance (and maybe an Adventure) that could Change Your Life Forever?

How can you become Financially Free, Now-a-Days??? And get out of your “stuck-in-a-rut” life???

·         Growing in your Job is a “possibility” ~ How's that working for most folks now-a-days? Questionable.

·         Growing your Savings is a “possibility” ~ How's that working for most folks now-a-days? Not too good. If we can maintain any Savings, at all, in this economy.

·         Investments are a “possibility” ~ How's that working for most folks now-a-days? NOT too well. Did you check your retirement recently?

·         Lotto and gambling are “possibilities” ~ How's that work for most folks? Hitting it Big ~ most likely, NOT.

·         A Jizzillion “get-rich-quick-schemes” are “possibilities” ~ How does that work for most folks? TOTALLY NOT.

Unfortunately, these are not the type “possibilities” we need.

If you want to Create your own Possibilities in life. Then keep reading.

It's time to take some Control Back in your life.

You can Decide to push forward to Create your own Success.

In just a few minutes you can Register and get Free Lifetime access to the First and Only Website of its kind, that could put you Back in Control of Finding your own Financial Freedom and Independence and could Change Your Life Forever.

By clicking on https://satellitetreasuremaps.com


You could just go about your life... go to sleep wanting more... wake up wanting more... and all along, in the back of your mind, remembering that you had the possibility to take your future into your own hands, but chose not to...

Really it's up to you!

On the other hand...

You could do like many other folks have done; by Signing up and Registering for Free Membership at Satellite Treasure Maps; Find your Markers; Grab your Tools and Start out on your Adventure to go FIND your Financial Freedom.

It may not be instantaneous; it may take some time, work and effort; but if you’re Ready for the Possibility, you may just FIND your Dreams!

Like Thomas did:

"My best day ever!!!

My Markers finally lead me to this!

What a day! What a year! What a find!"

Raleigh, NC

And Like John and Meg:

"My wife is in love...

My Markers lead me to several places worth looking at. A couple locations had some small finds.

But then I found this ring among some old ruins where a house had burnt down many years ago."

John and Meg
New York, NY

And Like K. Jones did:

"I've been a treasure hunter for many years finding little things here and there, nothing of any consequence. When I joined Satellite Treasure Maps I used the maps to look for the markers I wanted. I knew I wasn't spending that much even if nothing turned up.

I do have to admit that it wasn't 'miraculous', I didn't find anything big right away. Then this past weekend I found these nuggets.

Now I'm a true believer!

Thanks STM Team for all your hard work putting all this information together to give us all a better chance."

K. Jones
Mesa, Arizona

Just click on https://satellitetreasuremaps.com

Here’s some Technical Background Info for you.

Satellite Treasure Maps (STM)'s roots originated out of over 45 years of compiling and studying Treasure hunting, maps and many other types of data. With the onset of the World Wide Web, many satellites in the sky, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Mapping overlays (Markers) on top of Google Maps, STM is the First and Only Website of its kind, and which has been recently released to the General Public, that is able to bring all this combined data to you to Empower your Ventures to Pursue Financial Freedom and Independence.

Key Information for STM has been derived by data mining, analyzation, evaluation and/or algorithmic results derived from, but not limited to, various resources, such as: Satellite data; Imaging data; Thermal data; Reflective Light Penetration data; Refractive Light Penetration data; Radio Telescope Technology; Material Types Evaluation, Assessment, Interpretation data; and Analytics of various Proprietary Data Sources. STM is an algorithmic view of all its Combined Analyzed Data on top of the most accurate and up-to-date Satellite Map Data available Today!

Revealing 10's of Thousands to 100's of Thousands of potential GPS coordinate Treasure locations across the Globe.

That could bring Results Like:

"Fantastic Find...

I found Gold!!!

These markers are the best!

Can hardly wait to go again."

Bismarck, ND

To get there just click on https://satellitetreasuremaps.com

Low Risk with High Reward Potential...

Lifetime Membership in Satellite Treasure Maps is ALWAYS FREE.

Basic access to all of STM's Features, as well as, viewing STM Markers on Google Maps is FREE to Members.

If and when you Find the Markers where you want to begin your search for Treasure, you can:

1. Purchase the Markers’ GPS locations (coordinates) at the extremely Low Cost of Only $19.95 each and then print them overlaid on Google Maps thru the site.

2. Get “50% OFF” Discount Every Day (making Markers Only $9.98 each) of the already Low Cost of Markers; by finding the “STM Daily Discount Codes” that can be obtained by following on Twitter.

3. Earn Free Markers by accumulating STM Gold Award Points.

For potential Results Like:

"Unbelievable find!

it took a long time and quite a few markers...

but when I found treasure, it was totally worth it!"

Billy J.
Clearwater, FL

Just click on https://satellitetreasuremaps.com

Never give up on your Dreams!

Are you willing to put in the time and effort that is necessary to Reach your Dreams?

If you’re willing and Don’t Give Up, you’ll find that it was worth it.

For more potential Results Like:


I'm tired of playing the lottery or waiting for someone else to drop opportunity into my lap...

so I decided not to wait for anyone else... I took my own Destiny into my own hands... and here's the results!"

Sammy W.
St. Louis, MO

By clicking on https://satellitetreasuremaps.com

This is our Goal: We want to see Everyone Succeed.

We want you to become Another Success Story on STM. We want you to start Posting your Successes on the Website for all to see. We want you to become Financially Independent.

This is why the STM Team works so hard, in the background, continually updating Satellite Treasure Maps for people like yourself. When we receive Posts of Finds from folks telling us how helpful our information has been to them; well... we just get a great satisfaction knowing we're accomplishing what we set out to do.

So now it's really up to you...

You’ve got the power to choose...

Do you want to just keep on Day-Dreaming?

You could just continue to go about your life... continue to go to sleep wanting more... continue to wake up wanting more... and all along, in the back of your mind, continuing to remember that you had the possibility to take your future into your own hands, but chose not to...


You can Do like Many Other Folks have Done Already: Sign up and register for Free Membership at Satellite Treasure Maps; Find your Markers; Grab your Tools; Put in the Time; and Create your Own Financial Independence!

Are you willing to “take the bull by the horns” and Go Make Your Dreams Happen?

Do you have the Spirit of an Explorer in you? Do you have the Spirit of an Adventurer in you? Would you like to? Then do it now.

The Cost is FREE to Join.

What do you have to lose to Start Looking Around? What do you have to lose if you don’t?

The CHOICE is Yours!!!

Just click on https://satellitetreasuremaps.com to get started.

Now, here's the $$$Million Dollar question: If there was ANY Possibility that you could FIND Treasure and Someday GAIN Financial Freedom, Would you do what it takes to get there?

Some, just choose to walk away?  Well, that's crazy.  And here's why...

For potential Results Like R. Reynolds achieved:

"digging for gold...

I was testing out some markers... and found this!!!"

R. Reynolds
Macon, GA

Get there by clicking on https://satellitetreasuremaps.com

Are you waiting for some kind of Absolute Fool-Proof Guarantee?

1.  The Economy isn't Guaranteed.

2.  The Government isn't Guaranteed.

3.  Jobs aren't Guaranteed.

4.  Savings aren't Guaranteed.

5.  Investments aren't Guaranteed.

6.  The Lotto isn't Guaranteed.

7.  Gambling isn't Guaranteed.

8.  Windfalls aren't Guaranteed.

9.  Unfortunately, Love isn't Guaranteed. [I know we wish it was.]

10.   Even Tomorrow isn't Guaranteed.

As stated before, There are No Absolute Guarantees in life, except “Death and Taxes”.

If we were to absolutely guarantee that every Marker would find untold Riches of Gold, Silver or other Treasures, we’d have to go out and check each one beforehand; and beyond being a totally unrealistic and impossible task, the COSTS would be ASTRONOMICAL!

Which, in such a scenario, we would be FORCED to make each Marker EXCLUSIVE and FORCED to CHARGE $10 Thousand, $50 Thousand, $100 Thousand or even $1 Million Dollars or more for such a guaranteed Marker, depending upon its potential.

[Of course, if we were going to invest all that time and effort out in the field, then why wouldn’t we just keep them ALL for ourselves??? Answer: We would!!!]

So, instead...  Our choice was...

To utilize all of the very best information and data processing available, as described earlier; to identify GPS coordinates of 10's of Thousands to 100's of Thousands of potential Markers and make them Available to EVERYONE for an Extremely Low Cost (as low as $9.98 each). [Which is barely enough to cover our expenses in bringing this Remarkable Data to ALL.]

BUT... We did this, so EVERYONE has the SAME CHANCE to FIND their Financial Freedom.

While there are a lot of potential Markers around the globe:

Because of their Extremely LOW COST, we CANNOT make them EXCLUSIVE for AnyoneTherefore, this MUST remain a FIRST COME, FIRST FIND for ALL.


So... It's Time to make a Plan on how to get out of your Daily “rut”... just Don't Hesitate Too Long!!!

Just click on https://satellitetreasuremaps.com now to get started.


So... What are you going to do?

If you've reached this point in the letter, it's possibly because there's something here that's speaking to you. And do you know what it is?

It could be that little voice inside you, however loud or soft, that knows that you could be staring your future right in the eyes. And it's most likely telling you to do the right thing.

It’s up to you... You have nothing to lose!

Click the button below, Register for Free, Become Part of the STM Family, and get your hands on the Same type Markers and Tools others have used to start their Adventure to become Financially Free...



Just click https://satellitetreasuremaps.com to get started.

Go to SatelliteTreasureMaps.com Home



To Your Success,

Keith – CEO, Satellite Treasure Maps


P.S. Are you at this point in the letter just because you like to read everything before you click and move forward?

I don't blame you if you do - because I do the same.

Or are you contemplating walking away from this amazing once-in-a-lifetime Adventure? 

If the latter, how do you think it will feel to walk away? Do you think you'll just forget that you turned your back on one of the Greatest Possibilities to Change Your Life; to Create Your Own Chance to FIND Financial Freedom and Independence? I doubt it.

Unless you scrolled all the way to the bottom and read this P.S. first, you already know that this isn't a possibility to be taken lightly - or one that comes along every day - nor one that will wait too long for you in the Future; before someone else Claims what could have been Yours.

There’s an old saying, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”. Of course I don’t think you’re a horse, but I hope you understand, we’ve done all we can do up to this point – the Rest is up to You – we’ve brought the water to you, but YOU NEED TO CHOOSE TO DRINK IT! So, Make a Decision to Come Along with Those who Chose to Do the Right Thing for Their Future.

It won't cost you anything to become a Member to Find out what being part of the Satellite Treasure Maps Family can possibly do for You and Your Future.

So click here Now.

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